Posted by: 1pakistani | March 10, 2009

Rs22 billion Green Karachi Project approved

There is some good news for people of Karachi as Rs. 22 Billion Green Karachi Project has been approved by the government that will include plantation of Trees, development of Karachi Night Safari on an area of 2000 acres and beside that Parks, Animal Parks, Hill Park, Resorts and many more..

President of Pakistan gave a go ahead to the Rs22 billion Green Karachi Project. The project aims at turning hundreds of acres of waste land in the city into lush parks and massive tree plantation along 24 major roads traversing through the city.

Chairing a meeting at the President House, he advised the government to undertake the project on public private partnership basis. He also directed the authorities concerned to carry out a study on the public health impact of the trees to be planted under the Green Project, and stressed avoidance of plantation of species such as paper mulberry that turned out to be detrimental to public health by causing widespread pollen allergy.

Under the project around 20 million saplings would be planted in Karachi alone, to meet the international criterion of having one tree for each person for a healthy environment.

Currently the city has only around 3 million trees that are too few for any impact. Massive tree plantation will also be done on 272 km of 24 major roads in the city at a cost of Rs980 million in two years.

The President said that provision should also be made for graveyards in the Green Project as land for graveyards was shrinking in Karachi and throughout the country.

According to Executive Director Parks and Horticulture of City Distict Government Karachi, with large scale tree plantation the people of city will witness massive change in city’s environment that was facing extreme pollution due to heavy industrialisation, increase in traffic, cutting down of trees in the past and large scale construction. He said strict measures have been taken for protection of trees already planted and anyone responsible for damaging any tree can face criminal charges.

The 152 acre Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park at boat basin Clifton will be the first project to be completed in six months time at a cost of Rs877 million. The park will have jogging tracks, lawns, plantation, stone benches, food courts, fountains and lighting arrangements.

Malir River Park covering an area of 5,000 acres will be constructed in the middle of the city crossing nine towns. To be designed as the world’s largest park, the area will also cater to the sports demands through 12 athlete grounds, 15 cricket grounds and 24 service areas. A Mono Rail will be run in the park for taking tour through the 20km long and 2.5km area.

The Rs3.289 billion Central Park will be constructed around important institutions including Sindh assembly and High Court at an area of 151 acres. The government offices, presently in barracks will be shifted to two towers, federal and provincial, to be constructed in the same area. Treated sewage water will be used for irrigation.

The ‘Karachi Night Safari’ to be constructed at 2,000 acres, near Thadda Dam will offer the visitors a unique experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night. People will be able to view nocturnal animals in open in their natural habitats during an hour-long drive. The estimated cost of the project is Rs3.998 billion.

To provide recreational facilities to the population in under-developed areas, the ‘Karachi National Park’ will be constructed in Trans Lyari Area between Sindh Industrial Trading Estate and the right bank of Lyari River at an area of 187 acres.

Karachi Animal Park will be constructed at the Karachi Zoological Garden at an area of 41 acres, costing Rs934 million.

The Manghopir Resort will be developed at Hub Reservoir on Manghopir hills at an area of 1,800 acres with an estimated amount of Rs1.5 billion. The park will have a fishing lake, resting cottages, water amusement parks, golf course, dew jet poles for shade and plantation with drip water system.

The Hill Park Karachi, to be built between Shara-e-Faisal and Shaheed-e-Millat Road, will cover an area of 62 acres at a cost of Rs200 million.

The ‘Beautification of Lyari River’ project includes construction of water channel and tree plantation in Lyari riverbed from Sohrab Goth to Mauripur Road. The 18.5km long and 200-250km wide area will be completed in two years with an amount of Rs988 million.



  1. cool…

    first cut down trees at all major roads, and after a few years get budget to plant them again, so that a lot of commission and under-the-table money can be made.

    i wonder what good will do to the majority population who are extremely poor and starving everyday. i dont think they can fill their stomachs with green visions. so if the majority is suffering surely this cannot be democracy right?

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