Posted by: 1pakistani | June 13, 2009

Abducted Indian Nuke Scientist Found Dead

By Zaheerul Hassan

An Indian television claimed on June 13, 2009 the carcass of Indian famous nuke scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam found from Kali River. The scientist had been mysteriously disappeared from the Kaiga Atomic Power Station on June 8, 2009. The Kaiga plant is located near one of the biggest naval bases, Project Seabird. The scientist was working on the atomic plant since last eight years. Reportedly, he was in possession of highly sensitive information and might be doubted for Indian nuke proliferation. Mahalingam was involved in training apprentices on a replica of the actual reactor. So he had knowledge of working of the reactor.

According to the times of India the Mahalingam went on morning jogging and has been missing since then. As per his family members, he did not carry money or his cell phone with him and went for walk whereas the security guards on duty said that they haven’t seen him leaving the campus. It is mentionable here that he was also disappeared 10 years back once was working at the Kalpakkam atomic station and returned to home after spending about five days. On his return, he expressed that he had gone to seek perfect consolation. But unfortunately, now will never come back to meet his love ones since his family identified the shot dead body of their family head.

It is a matter of global concern that killing of the Mahalingam is not only the first case of murder. Earlier on November 11, 2006, Director of Uttaranchal Space Application Centre, Dr Anil Kumar Tiwari, was also shot dead by an unidentified person near his residence. About six weeks ago, another NPC non-technical employee Ravi Mule was found dead in the township. He too had gone for morning walk. Police have not cracked the earlier cases and similarly still is clue less in the current case of scientist. Moreover, in addition to financial corruptions 152 theft cases of uranium have also been reported and registered with the police since 1984.

The contents revealed in above Para confirmed that the world most treacherous nuke proliferation is going on in India which made her nuclear programme unsafe and the most dangerous too. The Hindu extremists with the help of Indian nuke scientists seem to be involved in illegal transfer of nuclear technology to Israel and some western countries through underworld organizations to generate the funds for the completion of “Maha Baharat agenda”.

Coming back to the killing of the Mahalingam, there is a need that case should be investigated while keeping in view the all angles in front. First assumption could be that abduction and killing of the senior scientist Mahalingam resulted due to his involvement in global nuke proliferation. He has been eliminated from the scene by the under world mafia on the instructions of some corrupt political and intelligence “Pundits” involved in nuclear proliferation. Thus, expressed supposition do stamped the revealed hypothesis since so called political gentlemen and intelligence lords were trying to avoid their names publicized. RAW and IB were probing the cases and Mahalingam along with his staffs working on the plant were under surveillance of the agencies since last couple of years.

In this context, the other appealing rationale could be that intelligence agencies deputed for investigating the matter of increased cases of nuclear proliferation might have picked up by them. The scientist was unable to bear the RAW’s physical and mental torture and suffered with death. Thus, the intelligence agency fired the already dead scientist and threw his body into the river to hide extra judicial killing of Mahalingam. Former Anti Terrorist Squad Chief Karkara has also been killed in the similar fashion at the occasion of Mumbai Drama by the RAW.

Anyhow, the abductions and murders have created panic and disappointments in Indian nuke scientists, staff and their families. They are becoming psychological patients because of fear of abduction and fatality. Therefore the working of mentally unstable and unsatisfied staff on nuclear plants is quite risky and might prove deadly for the people residing in the near vicinity of the plants. There is a general perception in the local masses and nuclear analysts that Indian nuclear program is totally in unsafe hands. The nuclear programme has become a hazard to the mankind because of continue leakage of information, accidents and stealing of uranium.

IAEA and US have a chance to improve upon their biased image towards the Muslim world and must poke their noses to investigate the repeated incidents of Indian nuke programme since it has turn into the great security concern to the world peace. Nuclear experts has the opinion that now it has become the moral obligation of Washington too to carry out detailed examination of the plants since she made a nuclear pact with India in 2008. IAEA should have an eye over the Indian nuclear programme, which is becoming quite risky day by day. They must know that nuke proliferation could not be stopped till the time western and American companies are not going to control and ban their own markets involving in nuke equipments smuggling cases. Berkeley Nucleonic Corporation (BNC), an American company and Bhaba Atomic Research Center in India should be black listed and banned immediately. The recent release of US document on the internet is another security concern in the serious circles of the Washington and need to be probing in detail since the list includes both government and civilian nuclear facilities and covering the details and location of nation’s 103 commercial nuclear power reactors. The murder of various Indian scientists, release of American list and provision of nuke equipments to the Indian company seemed to be intermingled and need thorough and serious analysis. Reliable sources reveal that Obama administration is quite seriously thinking over the revision of nuclear pact with New Delhi.

In nutshell, the specious activities of the Indian nuke scientists and the staff working on the nuclear plants are quite alarming for the global security and peace. IAEA should ask India government open her plants for the detailed inspection, restructuring of intelligence set up, reviewing security system of the plants, revision of enrollment procedures, pay structures and enhancement of welfare packages be ensured for avoiding other incidents and involvement of nuke staff in illegal proliferation ( if not permitted by the government ). To keep the staff at ease further harassment and picking up of the nuke employees by the RAW and other various agencies has to be stopped.


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