Posted by: 1pakistani | July 23, 2011 – Pakistan’s Top Video Portal is Pakistan’s Most Visited Video Portal with 1000s of daily visitors all over the world. Its one of the kind as it offers users with multiple activities to perform when they are visiting the portal. It has Video uploading option where users can upload videos and then share it with their family and friends.

The Users can watch Pakistani Dramas, Shows, News, Talk Shows, Songs, Stage Shows and many more videos on the Portal uploaded by different users.

Then there is option for users to share their comments on a particular video as well. Beside that there is Forum as well to start any conversation related to any Drama, Show or News and users can share their point of view on that particular topic.

The Portal has section with Profiles of almost all the Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers, and Singers etc as well so users can get information about their favourite artists and post their comments as well.

It also has option for the user to share videos posted on Portal on their Personal websites as well.

So its one of its kind Complete Video Portal of Pakistanm, so Visit Now and post your Feedback.


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